Andreas Wonisch @ HusavikLandscape and nature photography is my biggest passion: I can’t think of a more rewarding experience than watching (and capturing) the beauty of nature in all its different forms.

Having lived in the Freiburg area in southern Germany for six years I have enjoyed some incredible landscapes almost out of my doorstep. The idyllic Schwarzwald (“Black Forest”) and the beautiful Kaiserstuhl are some of the places I regularly visit for photographing. But I also like to travel a lot and bring the scenery of amazing landscapes around the work back with me. Recently I did a two week trip to Iceland where I travelled extensively all around the island. While my subjects originate from all of nature I’m also a big lover of waterfalls, planning to visit and photograp the most beautiful ones in the world over time.

Working as a physicist specialized on computer simulations landscape photography is my way to experience the world in a different, more intimate and emotional way. I think photography is a deeply personal thing. For me the landscapes I photograph are more like a dream to me. It’s the dream of a better, more beautiful world which can be created from our world, if you are at the exact right moment at the exact right spot and put all your creative energy into it. My own approach at landscape photography is creating with my photos the most beautiful places and moments, even though we all live in a world which is full of chaos. It’s not about just capturing a moment. For me it’s about beauty and how I can find and create it with my camera and vision.

In invite you to experience my vision of landscapes all around the world together with me. Have a look at my galleries where you can find a selection of my work. And if you like my work, you can also buy beautiful prints for your home or license my images. And now: Enjoy my photos.